I’ve been noodling over “way station” as a way to understand shifts in my own journey of faith and life. My spiritual way stations have come in deep friendships and in church communities and in places of wild beauty. I have walked into some of these places on my own two feet and occasionally–when the road has been rough–have needed a good Samaritan to carry me inside.

The youngest of five, I was born in Houston, Texas and took a winding path into pastoral ministry that meandered through military service, communications work at Presbytery of New Covenant, graduate school at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and training as a Spiritual Director at San Francisco Theological Seminary, where I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation.

Like one of the old Family Circus cartoons, where Billy can’t take a direct path from point A to B, my journey has had its share of zigs and zags. Yet, I know that all the stops along the way have made me who I am.

If God sends you down a stony path, may he give you strong shoes.

Celtic blessing